As business owners you work hard to build your assets and wealth. Unfortunately, most business owners are unknowingly at risk of losing their wealth because their assets are exposed.

Asset Protection

This is because they have not been advised on how to structure their assets and liabilities in the event of misfortune.

Asset protection is a legitimate process of minimising the effects of any financial misfortune on you and your family. Often assets are held in personal names or structures that make them vulnerable to risk in the event of creditor or legal action and are poorly quarantined from their business.

Our comprehensive service looks at the complex factors associated with asset risk and asset protection including discretionary trusts, CGT, stamp duty implications, and the easiest ways to separate the assets from any individual at risk.

At SBM our asset protection services help clients to:

  • Maximise the protection of their assets
  • Ensure their assets are owned in the most appropriate structure
  • Build a wall between their business and personal assets
  • Gain the maximum security they can for advances to their business
  • Protect themselves before it is too late

In the changing Australian legislative and tax environment, we recommend regular asset protection reviews to ensure your assets and wealth are not at risk.

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